Just then, Sir William walks up behind me, and I see two girls he was talking to earlier walking off the dance floor. The two girls walk up to me. This is the proper way to play wingman. I signal for the girls to come over to me. We talk.

Sir William is clearly into the blonde with the nice ass, so I lay back, not hitting on the brunette, but just keeping her company and chit-chatting while he does his thing…

Me: “What’re those things on your head?”

Brunette: “We’re Deadmau5kateers .”

Me: “Mickey Mousekateers?”

Brunette: “Deadmau5kateers !”

Me: “A mouse what?”

And she starts giggling. We talk some more. Freshman from campus. Too much chatting, and these girls look like hardcore fans of the DJ, so we better wrap this up fast. I go into full Assanova’s Simplicity mode…

Me: “What’re you two doing after this?”

Blonde: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Well look, we’re having people over on campus afterwards. You two should come.”

Blonde: “OK, that sounds good.”

Both girls phones are in their coats in the coat check area. So what do I do? I tell Sir William to pull out his phone and take down her number. Why did I do this? The blonde is clearly the leader, and since Sir William spent most of the time talking to her, he should be the one to call her afterwards, because he’s the one that has most of the rapport with her.